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OLSx offers high quality custom remapped tuning files for both petrol and diesel vehicles. Discover our innovative file-service including automatic file detection, statistics, datalogs and dynosheet viewer along with a variety help services.

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Dyno Chiptuning files

OLSx tuning file service

For more than 10 years, we have developped our own engine optimization softwares. These were implemented and tested in one of our dynorooms with official diagnostic tools.

With our client's trust, more than 6.000 tuning files are being sent from our side every year. We also develop ECU reading and writing protocols.

With these two dimensions under the hood, we are able to offer you powerful map packs and chiptuning files for every car on the market.

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Our services

  • Intellitune File Service

    File detection by our Intellitune server and quality chiptuning that meets your specific needs.

  • Tools, marketing and training

    Complete package to start or boost your chiptuning company !

  • Tuning database (API)

    Ultra complete cars database for your own website including : car manufacturers, models, versions, results and performance parts.

OLSx Intellitune File Service
Default OLSx picture for Results
Default OLSx brand logo for Results Brand Model Version xxxhp ECU ref.


Here are the results obtained on your car in terms of power and torque.

Pricing and chiptuning credits

Buy credits and use them whenever you want

Buy several credits in one go for a cheaper price. We work with Paypal, the world leader in online payment security. You can therefore make the payment with your PayPal account or with your credit card. Upon validation of the payment, credits will automatically be added to your account.

Usage example
OLSx Stage 1 Logo Stage 1 12 credits
OLSx Stage 2 Logo Stage 2 15 credits
OLSx DPF and DECAT Logo DPF OFF / DECAT 7 credits
OLSx Gearbox Tuning Logo DSG Tuning 5 credits
OLSx Credits logo
10 credits
95 € (VAT Excluded)
10 credits 95 € (VAT Excluded)
  • Stage 1114€
  • Stage 2142€
  • DPF Off / Decat67€
OLSx Credits logo
50 credits
475 € 450 € (VAT Excluded)
50 credits 475 € 450 € (VAT Excluded)
  • Stage 1108€
  • Stage 2135€
  • DPF Off / Decat63€
OLSx Credits logo
100 credits
950 € 800 € (VAT Excluded)
100 credits 950 € 800 € (VAT Excluded)
  • Stage 196€
  • Stage 2120€
  • DPF Off / Decat56€
OLSx Credits logo
500 credits
4750 € 3750 € (VAT Excluded)
500 credits 4750 € 3750 € (VAT Excluded)
  • Stage 190€
  • Stage 2112€
  • DPF Off / Decat52€

News and development

  • Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI 230hp - Siemens Simos 18 2017-07-21

  • Volkswagen Passat 2.0 TDI CR EU6 240hp - Bosch EDC17CP74 TC1793 2017-07-13

  • Mercedes CLS 250 CDI 204hp - Delphi CRD3.7A 2017-06-28

  • Mercedes GLC 350e Hybrid (2.0) - Bosch MED17.7.2 2017-06-13

  • BMW 420i F32 184hp - Bosch MG1 2017-06-13