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ECU tuning files for professionals

Chiptuning file service | Training, Tools and Marketing

OLSx offers high quality custom remapped tuning files for both petrol and diesel vehicles. Discover our innovative file-service including automatic file detection, statistics, datalogs and dynosheet viewer along with a variety help services.

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OLSx tuning file service

For more than 10 years, we have developed our own engine optimization software. It was implemented and tested in one of our dynorooms with official diagnostic tools.

With our client's trust, more than 12.000 tuning files are being sent from our side every year. We also develop ECU reading and writing protocols.

With these two dimensions under the hood, we are able to offer you powerful map packs and chiptuning files for every car on the market.

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Bronze 10 credits
95 € (VAT Excluded)
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Silver 50 credits
475 € 450 € (VAT Excluded)
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Gold 100 credits
950 € 800 € (VAT Excluded)
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Platinum 500 credits
4750 € 3500 € (VAT Excluded)


OLSx Stage 0 Logo Stage 0 5 credits

Stage 0 does not provide any increase in torque or power. It is intended to be combined with options.

OLSx Stage 1 Logo Stage 1 12 credits

The stage 1 is a tuning of the engine management without the addition of mechanical parts. Stage 1 is both reliable and efficient while delivering first-class performance.

OLSx Stage 1+ Logo Stage 1+ 15 credits

Stage 1+ is an improved version of the Stage 1

OLSx Stage 3 Logo Stage 3 50 credits

The stage 3 is a tuning of the engine management with the addition of mechanical parts. Stage 3 is a tailor-made preparation according to the parts installed in your engine.

OLSx Gear Box Logo Gear Box 12 credits

Gearbox file.


OLSx Vmax OFF Logo Vmax OFF 2 credits

This is an increase of the maximum speed limit or its suppression.

OLSx Pop & Bang Logo Pop & Bang 5 credits

Pop and bang is the result of an ignition delay which creates an exhaust detonation when the throttle pedal is released. Caution, this process must only be used on vehicles without catalyst or with sport catalyst. This option may impair the reliability of the engine.

OLSx DTC Logo DTC 2 credits

This options delect Default Trouble Code (DTC) of the engine.

OLSx Launch Control Logo Launch Control 5 credits

Option that maintains a certain engine speed when the clutch pedal is pressed. This allows starting at the best engine speeds.

OLSx EGR Off Logo EGR Off 3 credits

This option blocks the EGR valve so that there is no more exhaust gas recirculation

OLSx Power on Driving Mode Logo Power on Driving Mode 2 credits

On some vehicles it is possible to simulate the original power when the vehicle is in normal mode or related to fuel economy. Once you go into a sport mode or similar, the vehicle is then tuned.

OLSx Start & Stop OFF Logo Start & Stop OFF 2 credits

Sometimes the start and stop intervenes intrusively. While we want to restart, the latency of the system is felt and it quickly becomes embarrassing. This option simply removes this feature.

OLSx Hard Rev Cut Logo Hard Rev Cut 5 credits

Engine speed limiter hard cut

OLSx SCR (adblue) Logo SCR (adblue) 8 credits

This option deactivates the AdBlue.

OLSx DPF Off Logo DPF Off 3 credits

This option electronically removes only the DPF

OLSx E85 flex-fuel Logo E85 flex-fuel 16 credits

This is the conversion that allows the vehicle to run also on bio ethanol fuel.

OLSx Decat Logo Decat 3 credits

This option removes the catalyst light indicator from the dashboard.

OLSx Catalyst Heating Logo Catalyst Heating 4 credits

Disabling the cold start system

OLSx GPF Logo GPF 3 credits

This option electronically removes only the DPF

OLSx Cylinder On Demand Off Logo Cylinder On Demand Off 2 credits

This option desactivates Cylinder On Demand (COD) technology.

OLSx Cold start Logo Cold start 3 credits



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(VAT Excluded)

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    File detection by our Intellitune server and quality chiptuning that meets your specific needs.

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    Ultra complete cars database for your own website including : car manufacturers, models, versions, results and performance parts.

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News and development

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  • Citroen Jumpy 2.0 BlueHDI - Delphi DCM7.1A 2020-02-17

  • Mercedes E53 AMG (3.0T) - Bosch MG1CP002 2020-02-14

  • Porsche 991.2 4.0 DFI GT3 RS - Bosch MG1CS047 2020-02-14