ECU file tuning 24/7

Send us your original software and we will optimize it according to your wishes.

All the available tuning files have been developed and tested on one of our dyno. They are both reliable and powerful. We offer support for all software from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm CET.

The best of ECU tuning in a matter of seconds

Our automatic file service is a unique tuning process developed by OLSx. Between a manual file service and EVC server, it tunes your file in record time based on the options you selected.

To achieve this, our innovative system applies the modifications dictated beforehand by our engineers for each type of reprogramming and thus cancels the risk of human error.

You need a Stage 1 tuning with or without Vmax suppression ? All combinations are possible.

Thanks to our file service, you do not wait anymore, it is instantaneous. In addition, we always provide after-sales support on the software provided if needed.

During the last 30 days

72.85 %

of the tuning requests have been processed by our automatic file service.

13 years experience

For more than 13 years, we develop our own engine optimisation softwares. With your trust and that of the rest of our clients, more than 25.000 tuning files are send from our side each year.

Tested and approved on dyno

Located in Luxembourg, our development center is equipped with two dyno rooms and all official diagnostic tools. This allows our engineer to develop powerful and reliable tuning files in the best conditions.

Available 24/7

Our file service is available 24/7 and instantly delivers your file. Aiming for excellence in customer service is a core priority for our team. Therefore, we offer support for each file from Monday to Saturday from from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm CET.

How does it work?


  • 1
    OLSx-reading process
    Register and buy credits

    Before sending your file you need to register.
    You can buy several credits simultaneously in order to benefit from an advantageous price.

  • 2
    OLSx-reading process
    Original file reading

    With the reading tool of your choice, you must first extract the original file from the car.

  • 3
    OLSx-reading process
    Orignal file upload (Drag and Drop)

    Simply drag your original file into the window and complete the information carefully.

  • 4
    OLSx-reading process
    File review by our file service

    Our file system will automatically detect the corresponding optimized file if it is available in our database.

  • Is your car supported by our automatic file service?

    Our automatic file service instantly delivers your optimized software

    Our innovative solution instantly detects the program corresponding to your request on our server. Via our file service, map packs compatible with your EVC software are also available.

    Not yet

    Our engineer takes care of your request within 20 to 60 minutes

    Our individual service completes the automatic file service offer on a daily basis. This gives you the guarantee of a personalized work on the vehicle software. As soon as the file is ready, you are notified in order to download it.

  • 6
    OLSx-reading process
    Payment and file download

    You have the option of paying the program with credits or directly via online payment. The use of credits allows you to benefit from a cheaper unit price.

  • 7
    OLSx-reading process
    Optimized file writing in the car

    All you have to do is to install the optimized software in your customer's vehicle and perform a road test.

Stay updated

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