Official EVC WinOLS reseller database

More than 20.000 tuning files 24/7 available in your EVC WinOLS editing software


The online file management system linked to the EVC WinOLS editing program was developed in collaboration with OLSx engineers almost 10 years ago. It is the first cloud of prepared files in the world.

If you use WinOLS on a daily basis, know that you can very easily find our entire database there.

Attention, a registered version of the EVC WinOLS software is required.
  • Available 24/7
  • More than 20.000 files ready for download
  • Continuously updated
  • Stage 1, Stage 2, Flex-Fuel E85,...
  • Dyno tested tuning files

How to start?

  • 1
    OLSx-reading process
    OLSX account creation and registration of your EVC WinOLS number.

    First of all, you need to log in to the OLSx web interface and register your EVC WinOLS user number in your profile.

  • 2
    OLSx-reading process
    Purchase of credits

    Before ordering a file from our EVC WinOLS database, you must purchase dedicated EVC credits in the shop.

  • 3
    OLSx-reading process
    Preparing the WinOLS software
    • 1. Click on Miscellanous
    • 2. Select Updates + Registration
    • 3. Click on “Start” then on “Ok”
    • 4. The program will then search for updates and install them if necessary.
    • 5. When the update process is complete, then click “Ok” and “Exit”
    • 6. Restart the WinOLS software
  • 4
    OLSx-reading process
    Database access in WinOLS software
    • 1. Click on Open
    • 2. Select the first tab in the list that corresponds to the resellers button
    • 3. Then select "" from the list of resellers
    • 4. You see the list of all the files available in the OLSx database.
  • 5
    OLSx-reading process
    Viewing file information

    To get more information about a file, or just know its price, right-click and click on “Properties”. A new window will open and show you all the information of the selected file.

    If you want to see more information in the list, you can choose which columns you want to display. To do this, right-click and click on “Columns...” and then select “Reseller”. This will allow you to display information such as: the price of the file, the type of project or the details related to this project directly in the list.

  • 6
    OLSx-reading process
    File purchase through WinOLS software
    • 1. Double click on the file you want to buy
    • 2. A message will appear to confirm your intention to purchase.
    • 3. If you have enough credit, it will be possible to buy this file. Your password will then be requested.
    • 4. The program tells you where it saves the file on your computer.
  • 7
    OLSx-reading process
    Check the number of remaining credits

    Your number of remaining credits is mentioned at the bottom of the EVC WinOLS window.

    This can also be consulted on your OLSx Dashboard.