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Great files. Awesome tools.

The perfect solution for a solid business.

OLSx Chiptuning tools OLSx Chiptuning tools

Why become an OLSx slave user?

We put our expertise to work

  • Support: should you have any question, we are here to help
  • Responsiveness: priority is given to your file request
  • Back to stock: if your customer needs to put the vehicle back to the state it was prior to the tuning, it is free of charge.
  • Dealer update: if your customer’s vehicle is updated by the manufacturer and the tune is erased, a new tuned file will be prepared based on that update for free.
Autotuner slave tool

+ 50 FREE OLSx credits

Autotuner Logo
  • No subscription fee, all updates are free
  • Most recent vehicles supported
  • DSG gearboxes supported in OBD
  • Bench, OBD and boot with the same hardware
  • One package with all required accessories included
  • Continuous development with regular updates
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Very good support in English and French
  • 50 OLSx credits included 450€ GIFT VALUE!
Total value 3.350€ (VAT excl.)
OFFER 2.900€ (VAT excl.)

Autotuner slave tool

Must-have and easy to use.

It is probably the best tool to start with. Autotuner is more than a partner to OLSx, we exclusively use this tool to develop our tuning files.

From our point of view, Autotuner is the only ECU programming tool which is in line with the quality standards we want to offer to our customers. We love it!

The tool has been designed to be super easy to use. Every operation is clearly described, with a great online support if you need help.

buy autotuner online

Alientech Kess V2 Slave Tool

Old but still good

When it comes to EDC15 generation ECUs (and his friends), Alientech KessV2 is the tool you need.

From our point of view, this tool has already proven its worth in the past and is a good complement to Autotuner.

Alientech Kess V2 Slave Tool
Alientech kess Logo
  • Very good for older vehicles
  • OBD only (CAN, J1850, J1708 or K-Line)
  • Agri and trucks upgrade available (not included)
  • One year subscription included
1.900€ (VAT excl.)

Best of both worlds

Autotuner + Alientech Kess slave tools package

Autotuner + Alientech Kess slave tools package

+ 100 FREE OLSx credits

  • Autotuner Slave Tool benefits
  • Alientech Kess V2 Slave Tool benefits
  • 100 OLSx credits included 800€ GIFT VALUE!
Total value 5.600€ (VAT excl.)
OFFER 4.800€ (VAT excl.)