Training, Marketing and chiptuning tools

The best solution to start or boost your chiptuning business


We do not only offer high quality tuning files

RS-TRONIC, the only one solution to start in chiptuning, includes :

  • Tools and files

    Our chiptuning tool is particularly appreciated for its wide coverage of cars, reliability and ease of use.

  • Website

    Daily updated website covering the whole catalog as well as your contact information and a map to your location.

  • Marketing stuff

    All the marketing stuff required for an optimal service: Rollup, business cards, flyers and badged clothes.

  • Trainingoption

    2 days in a specialized center to learn how to use reprogramming tools

RS-TRONIC marketing package is completely free

The only condition for being part of the RS-TRONIC reseller network is to own at least one slave tool linked to our company.

Want to start chiptuning ?

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Processus en 5 étapes

  • OLSx-reading process

    Connecting the tool to the vehicle or the ECU and read of the orginal file.

  • OLSx-reading process

    Upload of the original file on the RS-TRONIC website.

  • OLSx-reading process

    Optimization of the original file by RS-TRONIC engineer.

  • OLSx-reading process

    Notification and reception of the tuned file. Transfer of the modified file into the vehicle.

  • OLSx-reading process

    Each vehicle is tested on road after reprogramming to ensure customer satisfaction.