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RSTRONIC Autotuner tool

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RS-TRONIC, the best solution to start in chiptuning, includes :

  • ECU programming tools

    We work with Autotuner. It is particularly appreciated for its wide coverage of cars and reliability. Also, the tool has been designed to be super easy to use. Every operation is clearly described, with a great online support if you need help.

  • Tuning files

    All the available tuning files we offer have been developed and tested on one of our dyno. They are both reliable and powerful. We offer support for all software from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm CET.

  • Website

    Our website is daily updated and includes the whole catalog. When visiting contact page, your customers will find your contact information and a map to your location.

  • Marketing stuff

    We provide you with the marketing stuff to get your business started: t-shirts, sunglasses, flyers, roll-ups, flags, business cards...

RS-TRONIC Starting Kit
  • 1 Autotuner slave tool linked to OLSx
  • 1 @rstronic.com Email address for one year
  • 250 Flyers
  • 500 Business cards
  • 50 Folders
  • 25 Sunglasses
  • 5 T-shirts
  • 1 Rollup
  • 100 Stickers
  • 50 Pens
  • 2 Plates
Total value 3.415€ (VAT excl.)
OFFER 2.900€ (VAT excl.)

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Marketing accessories

All the elements below are included in the RS-TRONIC starter pack. If you would like to order some more, please contact us.

5 steps process

RS-TRONIC allows you to reach a very profitable market in order to boost your sales and grow your business.

Engine optimization or remapping consists in modifying the ECU parameters in order to gain more power and torque while slightly reducing the fuel consumption. This tuning is done individually for each car by our engineers.

Thanks to RS-TRONIC, the joy of the drive is increased for every vehicle. More power means better accelerations, and more torque will allow better recovery. Every tuning files offered by RS-TRONIC are previously developed and tested on a professional dyno. Therefore, you benefit from a powerful and reliable solution, fitted to the particularities of your vehicle.

We offer a five years warranty on the remapping and free back to stock feature in case the end customer wants to sell the vehicle. In case of a manufacturer update, we offer a free remapping based on the update.

  • OLSx-reading process

    Connecting the tool to the vehicle or the ECU and read of the orginal file.

  • OLSx-reading process

    Upload of the original file on the RS-TRONIC website.

  • OLSx-reading process

    Optimization of the original file by RS-TRONIC engineer.

  • OLSx-reading process

    Notification and reception of the tuned file. Transfer of the modified file into the vehicle.

  • OLSx-reading process

    Each vehicle is tested on road after reprogramming to ensure customer satisfaction.

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